Supply Chain as A Competitive Advantage …

icon logistique entreposageWarehousing Efficiency

We help you to assess your warehousing costs and performance, identify productivity potentials and cost savings to leverage. Looking at a warehouse like at a factory, with a mindset inspired by manufacturing cost controlling, we think all costs can be seen as variable, and every « production » step – inbound process, storage, outbound, can be given its cost per stock unit.

Should you decide to outsource your warehousing operations, we support your project. Consistently with the level of expertise and availability of your internal resources, our services will fit with your needs, and can include : pre-selection of logistic providers, RFI, tender management, Q&A during submission step, proposal analysis, comparison between the different offers, short-list recommendation, pricing and services negotiation. Agreement of the contract terms themselves must be conducted in close co-operation, and under guidance of you Legal department.

And, as you know, setting the framework can be seen just as the end of the beginning, we also offer you to extend our services until the effective go-live of the contracted operations, and the final closure of the project.

icon logistique reseauInternational Logistic Network

Your logistic footprint, warehousing and transportation lanes, incoming and outcoming flows, what is in-house and what is outsourced, might have been inherited from the past. But how does this current scheme fit with your current business goals? How will this response to your development plans for the future? How nimble is it? What are your strengths, your weaknesses, how can you save time and money, enhance customer satisfaction?

And, should your geographical scope be of international dimensions (beyond EU boundaries), what about not only costs and leadtimes, but also, country risks, level of maturity of the logistic partners, are there reliable, efficient?
What about the customs duties impacts? How do you assess the legal compliance of all the stakeholders involved in your Supply Chain operations, how can you guarantee the Social Responsibility of your chain?
Based on business projections we build up with you, we select then assess different logistic scenarios, run comparisons between them and Vs. current setup, issue recommendations. We submit the associated roadmap and action plans to implement the configuration you choose. We help you to measure and control the risk levels.

Monitoring the transition between the initial logistic footprint and the targeted network is the most critical step: operations go on while the inventories move, some locations close and others resume, and costs, service and CSR goals remain unchanged: We also support you during this challenging period of time.