Supply Chain as A Competitive Advantage …

Supporting your business with you, this is our second professional life. Because our first professional life was like yours : managers of the Supply Chain, in charge of daily execution, for our companies we ensured end-to-end information and product flows monitoring, and achieved as well various projects to satisfy our companies’ customers.

This is why, focused on results and close to operations, we will focus on results, concrete solutions. With you, we search for comprehensive answers, executable actions plans, to support efficiently your operational performance goals and your development plans for your Supply Chain.

Our knowledge come from our own field experiences. But make no mistake: their number, their diversity and what we’ve learnt from them don’t make us the experts for everything, everywhere. Our personal ethic, this is to tell you, when we don’t know. This is also our commitment to search for the expert that knows, by activating our network.

Our target is the optimization of your Supply Chain processes. As efficient processes rely on an efficient people organization, with skills leveraged by the appropriated tools, we focus on two simultaneous directions: The technical skills, as a prerequisite, but moreover the added value at the « soft skills » level.
The many different operational challenges encountered, the diversity found in projects successfully achieved in various countries and markets: These experiences have strengthened our technical knowledge…
More important, this told us how to move beyond the solely technical topics, in order to focus on where lay the key success factors to reach business goals assigned and set up a resilient organization: The people, their roles and responsibilities, clear and efficient execution processes, teamwork.

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