Supply Chain as A Competitive Advantage …

Ambitious vision + Hands On + Enjoy: This is a free (and polite) interpretation of the « Dream Big + Get Sh*t Done + Have Fun », from Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO (as a quick note: yes we use all good ideas from everyone. But when inspired by others, we pay respect to them, by quoting our sources):

approche supply chain

Dream Big, Define an ambitious vision, avoid initial self-limitations : yes, knowing one’s possibilities is good, but better target further, even if in a second step limits have to be identified – temporarly !

Get Sh*t Done, do what we have to, and not only pleasant stuff : do what we like also means sometimes going through not very exciting tasks : ensure information alignment from complex and various data, searching (very) old archives, sort aged and dusty inventories… This also includes, get involved as much as possible in people’s daily tasks, all these small things that all together create complexity, but also know-how and added value of everyone.

Have Fun: Because we do better what we do with pleasure, because this is the mortar of teamwork that works. And also, not to behave too seriously, this is a good way to deliver … serious results!