Supply Chain as A Competitive Advantage …

You’d like to enhance your warehouses’ efficiency, or decrease your obsolete inventories, or streamline your Supply Planning ? You are looking for a helpful hand to issue reliable Sales Forecasts, or your service level index needs to be significantly upgraded ? You need your logistic network to be revisited, or you have to identify the true costs generated the complexity of your product offer ?

Good news, we’ve found someone to do all this : You. Yes, indeed, helping you, supporting you, build up an assessment – or, to be precise, fine tune it, as you’ve at least began – clarify roles & resp of your Supply Chain team members, propose organizational changes, train your employees, support them to accomplish their goals, align your data : This is what we do.

But we keep in mind that our assignment is only for a limited period of time, and that your organization has not to rely on us, as soon as possible.

Of course we like very much when our customers ask us to come back again. But for new challenges, to move on, together.