Supply Chain as A Competitive Advantage …

Ensuring operational excellence, now, on a daily basis, the best service at the best cost, is key. But even better is to build your Supply Chain strategy, to contribute to the long term growth for your company, and to keep on delivering this excellence in the future!

What makes a company to last long is its profitability, but not only: more than that, by finding the best position at the crossroads of financial goals, environmental care and social responsibility that a consistency for the best can be reached, where each of the three elements will contribute to the performance of the two others.
The definition of your Supply Chain strategy will be aligned with this vision.

Consistently with the strategy, your Supply Chain organization should support the day-to-day business now, and at the same time invent the future.

Not reduced to organization charts or job descriptions associated to titles and territories, an efficient design of your organization will come from the processes description, together with the roles associated with these processes. We offer you to create a Roles & Responsibilities Matrix (RACI), as a reliable, clear and flexible methodology:
Reliable, as based on business processes. Clear, as for every task is given the level of responsibility of the roles involved, for this corresponding task. And, eventually, flexible: attached to roles and not to job positions or people, responsibilities can be transferred easily.